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Hybrid Composite Produkcts GmbH

The BVD25 and BVD60 venting lids currently offer the best safety standard for pellet stores in coordination with the store size and are recommended by PROPELLETS AUSTRIA as well as DEPV.

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  • Decreased odor by a constant air and gas exchange
  • Permanent independent ventilation of the storage room for reduction of increased carbon monoxide concentration
  • The use of a ventilation cap is recommended by DEPI and PROPELLETS Austria
  • Splash protection without water accumulation and thus without ice information
  • effective advertising can be labled
  • Available with fan for forced ventilation
  • Functions in all installation positions


You can make your preferred order on our site directly online. We will process your order as soon as possible and send it to you. Right now there only is the option to pay your order in advance . You get all the information in our order confirmation E-mail. In addition to the stated product prices shipping costs are added. You can find out more about the amount of shipping costs in the offers. The applicable value added tax is included in the shipping costs.

safety instructions


The orifices of the lid will have to be freed from soiling at regular intervals so that the ventilation function can be guaranteed. The seal on the filler must be in a perfect state so that the product function is not impaired. For mounting the lid, a Storz Spanner will have to be used. The lid will have to be closed up to the stop (torque of approx. 10 Nm). The four spanner ribs at the top of the lid guarantee that balanced pressure acts upon the seal (if there are two spanner ribs, warping can lead to leaks). Before filling the pellet store and storage tank and before doing work on the pellet store and storage tank, please switch off the pellet boiler! When doing so, please observe the intervals specified by the boiler producer! In general, the following applies: The boiler will have to be switched off at least one hour before filling the storage room! Storage rooms and tanks for wood pellets are not intended for being entered or staying there! Before pellet stores are entered and, above all, while they are being entered, they will have to be ventilated sufficiently. These rooms are no playground! Wood pellets can be swallowed by babies and infants. Movable parts of the drive, e.g. worm conveyors, also imply a fundamental risk of injury. Pellet stores may only be entered for carrying out activities directly serving for heating operation (e.g. assembly and maintenance work).

At combustion processes in heating installations, faulty functions or improper storage can lead to an increased concentration of hazardous exhaust gases in the breathable air of the surroundings, which can be accumulated after longer periods and imply danger. Even though there is no risk for the operator in the normal case, such incidents can never be excluded!


Our company is a member of the association PROPELLETS AUSTRIA. The vision and objective of PROPELLETS consist in bringing about an energy system transition for heating. In Austria, about 70 % of heat used to heat buildings is generated by fossil energy carriers. Our objective consists in using pellets to significantly contribute to ensuring that fossil energy is substituted by renewable energy in Austria. For more information, please refer to the following link:


Austria and Germany:
12 EURO incl. VAT 

other coutries inside EU:
20 EURO incl. VAT

Provide safety in your cellar

with the ventilated pellet store lids made by HCP0 GmbH

» recommended by ProPellets Austria


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