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The BVD25 and BVD60 venting lids currently offer the best safety standard for pellet stores in coordination with the store size and are recommended by PROPELLETS AUSTRIA as well as DEPV.

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filler lid "BVD" with ventilation function STORZ 110-A to DIN 14323

This ventilated caps have been developed for pellet industry in cooperation with PROPELLETS AUSTRIA 

The special design of the caps enables permanent and autonomous exchange of air between the pellet store and outside air in all installation positions. The filler lid is also recommended by DEPV (German Energy Wood and Pellet Association)!


  • Decreased odor by a constant air and gas exchange
  • Permanent independent ventilation of the storage room for reduction of increased carbon monoxide concentration
  • The use of a ventilation cap is recommended by DEPI and PROPELLETS Austria
  • Splash protection without water accumulation and thus without ice information
  • effective advertising can be labled
  • Available with fan for forced ventilation
  • Functions in all installation positions
Depending on the size of the store and the required air exchange, we offer 2 versions of the ventilation cover (BVD), which are available in different variants. Due to its free cross-sectional area on the grid, the BVD25 is suitable for pellet stores with a capacity of < 10 tonnes. In addition, we recommend the BVD60, which is suitable for store sizes of up to 22.5 tonnes, according to standard regulations. This is based on the ISO 20023 standard for "Pellet stores with natural ventilation to the outside". For larger stores, forced ventilation should be considered.

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This lid was developed by the company IB STEINER and was awarded as one of the best patent  in Austria of the year 2011 by the Austrian Patent Office. Besides the carbon monoxide, also the sometimes occurring often unpleasant resin smell can escape through this product. Replace your lid with one with ventilation function!

» recommended by propellets Austria « 


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