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Hybrid Composite Produkcts GmbH

The BVD25 and BVD60 venting lids currently offer the best safety standard for pellet stores in coordination with the store size and are recommended by PROPELLETS AUSTRIA as well as DEPV.

Your team of HCP

Pellet store lid

with insect protection

no bugs & vermin can penetrate · BVD60 · for storage sizes up to 22,5 tons

Set for € 64,50

(price for 2 pieces incl. 20 % VAT, excluding shipping)

In order to avoid the penetration of bees, wasps and other insects into the storage room, the filler lid is equipped with a ventilation function and an insect protection grid. 

The set includes two lids with insect protection grids and safety stickers of HCP GmbH.

Enclose you also find usage instruction and safety instruction for the correct installation of the filler lid.

Version: STORZ 110-A / DIN 14323

Note: As an option, you can order a safety chain for an additional charge during the ordering process. This will be attached by us in advance.

you need a bigger amount?

please contact our salesmanager Ing. Anton Pototschnik for bulk orders

» E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
» Tel.: 03512 / 72 776-623

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Provide safety in your cellar

with the ventilated pellet store lids made by HCP0 GmbH

» recommended by ProPellets Austria


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